Feb. 24 Community Briefs: Fraser Lake Tots, B.C. moose tick survey

Feb. 24 Community Briefs: Fraser Lake Tots, B.C. moose tick survey

Fraser Lake Tots Around Town

A time for parents/caregivers to come together and support one another while sharing positive experiences around town and through a variety of activities bonding with their preschoolers.

Drop-in every Wednesday 10:00 a.m – 12:00 p.m from Feb. 3 to March 23, with beverages and snacks.


Feb. 24

Families in the Kitchen

CNC/Learning Centre


March 2

Braids, Hair Care, Pictures & Dress Up!

Arena Complex (downstairs)


March 9

Banner Craft

Autumn Services


March 16

Hula Hooping & Music

Arena Complex (upstairs)


March 23


HUB & Gym (Mouse Mountain School)



B.C. moose winter tick survey

VICTORIA – Members of the public are being asked to help document moose winter tick infestations by completing and submitting an online Moose Winter Tick Survey before April 30, 2016.

The survey will help B.C.’s wildlife health staff monitor the number of moose affected with these ticks and the extent to which they affect moose around the province.

Winter tick infestations are generally observed on moose from February through April. Anyone interested in contributing to the surveillance program can obtain a copy of the survey online at http://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/download/6AAE0D9D88A34A7EBD487DC4FED75E18 or by contacting Dustin Walsh at: FLNRMooseTickSurvey@gov.bc.ca or 250 617-0725.