Vanderhoof and Fraser Lake had a combined total of 363 calls for service in the year 2013.

Vanderhoof and Fraser Lake had a combined total of 363 calls for service in the year 2013.

Fire rescue calls

Here is the rundown for the Vanderhoof and Fraser Lake fire departments in the year 2013.

Here are the statistics for the year 2013 for Fraser Lake Fire Rescue and Vanderhoof Volunteer Fire Department.



In Vanderhoof:

Emergency calls

6 medical

10 life assist

60 motor vehicle accidents

21 commercial fire alarms

7 residential fire alarms

2 carbon monoxide

5 hydro lines down

37 fires

6 smoke reports

5 hazmat calls

Total calls for 2013 were159

Member commitment

3,462 firefighter hours for emergency reponses

1,152 firefighter hours for training

396 firefighter hours for community events

Currently the Vanderhoof Volunteer Fire Department consists of one full time Fire Chief and 36 volunteer firefighters including junior firefighters.

They performed 225 fire inspections and 137 re-inspections and had two mutual aid calls to Fraser Lake last year. They suffered no time loss workplace incidents and the five hazmat calls on the list sounds serious but they were only fuel spills from vehicle accidents.




In Fraser Lake:

Emergency calls

-96 medical

-5 lift assists

-21 motor vehicle incidents

-19 commercial fire alarms

-2 residential fire alarms

-1 carbon monoxide

-1 hydro line down

-15 fires

Total calls in 2013 were 204. The year previous had only 162 calls.

Member commitment

1,332 firefighter hours for emergency responses

955 firefighter hours for attending training

90.5 firefighter hours for participating in community events

Fraser Lake currently has 20 members on strength including three junior firefighters and they also experienced no time loss workplace incidents in 2013.