Fraser Lake councillor by-election candidates

The three candidates for the Village of Fraser Lake's byelection are Mark Lacerte, Garry Watson, and Tyrel Ray.

Mark Lacerte (from left)

Mark Lacerte (from left)

General voting will be open to qualified electors of the Village of Fraser Lake on Nov. 12 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Village of Fraser Lake’s council chambers on 210 Carrier Crescent.


Mark Lacerte

I was born in Fraser Lake and have lived here for most of my life.

I have been elected as a trustee of the school board for 22 years, six years of which as the chairman of the board. During that time we did some pretty amazing things, at least I think they were. One was to start EBUS Academy which was the first online education from Kindergarten to Grade 12 in B.C. and maybe even in Canada. Prior to that students did lessons, then sent them to Victoria to be marked and got them back in the mail — which was a very cumbersome method!

We also had teacher consultation before constructing Mouse Mountain School which was also a first, and attracted educators from around the province to see what a school that was made for small children looked like.

I also represented the school district on the College of New Caledonia board of directors for 2 years. As my children grew up I was on minor hockey’s executive team while my boys were in hockey. I also was in community service group  Kinsmen Foundation in Fraser Lake.

I am running for Village Council to work toward finding a second industry, encourage entrepreneurial individuals, and ensure wise spending of taxpayer money!


Garry Watson

My wife and I came to Fraser Lake 44 years ago when I became the first resident Telephone Company Installer/repairman. Marian worked at Endako Mines for several years and then we went into business for about 10 years, after which I drove log truck for two years and then went to Endako Mines for the next twenty five years. Since retiring, I have been attending council meetings for the last couple of years and feel I have something to contribute. I have also joined the Fraser Lake Library Board and am Vice President of the Fraser Lake & District Seniors Home Society. I support our current council and look forward to helping with their efforts in the future.


Tyrel Ray

I was born in Vanderhoof. My wife’s name is Jane Thake Ray and I have two children, Jonas and Abby. I have lived in Fraser Lake since 2007. I have a Bachelor of Education degree from Simon Fraser University.  The Village of Fraser Lake employed me in 2007, where I designed and built our maple leaf on the front of the arena and commissioned our water plant, along side the Works Department foreman, Vern Hilman. I was the chief water plant operator for two years when I decided to pursue my career as a teacher in 2010. At Fraser Lake Elementary Secondary School, I have created an Outdoor Education class, a Music class, a Mountain bike club, and a Snowboard and Ski club.  I enjoy fishing, music, motorcycles, and being outdoors.

I am interested in the continued development of our recreational activities, tourist opportunities and the community forest program.  However, while exploring these options, we need to be fiscally responsible and ensure that our seniors are taken care of. I have a vested interest in seeing our community prosper and I will bring a voice to challenging issues, so that Fraser Lake continues to be a place we call home.