Inked commitment for air show next summer

Inked commitment for air show next summer

About twenty people attended the Vanderhoof International Airshow Society meeting on Friday, Sept 29 at the Community Futures Stuart Nechako (CFSN) boardroom.

All the work ahead, the great need yet for more volunteer help, and daunting tasks like sponsorship goals could all be quite overwhelming. But everyone appears to be stepping up. The enthusiasm in the room on Friday was quite evident. In fact there is such passion for wings and aviation people in the room literally have planes tattooed on their skin.

“Thank you one and all for the great turn out and wonderful participation last evening,” said Tom Bulmer. “Because of all of you we will be hosting the Vanderhoof International Airshow on August 4, 2018.”

Volunteers put their names forward for the following rolls:

Diana Davis – co-chair/overseer/dinner and dance/International Council for Air Shows (ICAS) rep

Tom Bulmer – co-chair/public relations/advertising/sponsorships/announcing

Glenn Pearce – flight ops/performers/ICAS rep

Ingrid Pearce – hotel/accommodations/Friday reception/ICAS rep

Peet Vahi – mentor/sponsorships

Anne Stevens – performers/social media

Gloria Daley – logistics/transportation/designated drivers

Paul Collard – ramps

Jim Mitchell – grounds

David Fehr – sponsorships/Friday reception

Bev Fehr – general assistant

Dorothy Teichroeb – military liaison/ hotels/ICAS rep

Kevin Scott – medical/first aid

Carolynn Bulmer – grounds/inclusive accessibility liaison

Dean Rosvold – US military liaison/ grounds (paving etc.)

Eric Stier- general assistant prior to show date/military liaison

Clifton Pearce – fuel/ramp

Amy Somer – Air boss

Dean Funk – website

Lloyd Larson – sound/music

This is just a tentative list which is subject to change and not limited to the names listed. It was mentioned that “Anyone not able to make the meeting, but still interested in helping out in any way, or providing input is more than welcome to jump on board to support any of these areas or take on a roll not yet mentioned, i.e. concessions. And to please contact Diana at 250-570-3144.”

The next public meeting is scheduled for October 27, 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. at the CFSN office, 2750 Burrard Avenue.

“Monthly meetings are kept to an hour at the most so we can all go about our business,” says Tom Bulmer.

Various groups can slate meetings as they see fit. Any group i.e. grounds/transportation etc. requiring a place to meet contact Tom 250-567-8438 and the room at 2750 Burrard can be made available.


Some of the people in attendance at Friday’s Airshow meeting. Photo Fiona Maureen

Some of the people in attendance at Friday’s Airshow meeting. Photo Fiona Maureen