Jan. 27 Police Update

Jan. 27 Police Update: local scams alert and investigation update on motor vehicle accident on Jan. 5

Update on spinning vehicle incident during Jan. 5 snowfall

On Jan. 5, a passing logging truck was suspected to have started the spinning of a waiting pickup truck on Highway 16 near C.J.’s Trailer Park.

The driver of the logging truck involved has now been identified, and had provided a statement to the RCMP, as well as photos taken of the truck.

“It does not appear that any fault can be identified with that accident other than the road/weather conditions at the time,” said Sgt. Svend Nielsen.


CRA scam alert

As tax season approaches, the police reminds the public that it’s the time of the year when Canada Revenue Agency scams abound.

In the past, including cases in Vanderhoof, people have received calls from individuals posing as police officers that are collecting outstanding warrants for CRA.

Though the police assist the CRA for in-person collections at times, the RCMP don’t make phone calls for the agency, Nielsen said.

Those who receive related calls, and have concerns, can visit the local RCMP detachment to verify the call, he added.


Sweepstake winner scam alert

Last week, a Vanderhoof resident was contacted by mail as a supposed sweepstakes winner.

Appearing to come from a published clearing house, the letter states that the winning amount was $600,000, though the winner would be in charge of customs and processing fees.

A cheque of $16,000 was included for the winner’s convenience in paying those charges.

The resident was alerted when depositing the cheque, and had waited for the amount to go through before withdrawing — she was notified by the bank that no funds could be transferred from the cheque’s account.


– with files from Sgt. Svend Nielsen, Vanderhoof RCMP