June 15 Police Update

Vanderhoof’s local RCMP detachment lodged 82 files, which included eight prisoners, in the past week.

Cst. Matt Woodbeck from Hampton

Cst. Matt Woodbeck from Hampton

Vanderhoof’s local RCMP detachment lodged 82 files, which included eight prisoners, in the past week.

As thefts in the district persist, the police encouraged residents to be vigilant in securing their belongings and property.

Animal calls this week included bear sightings as well as complaints of an aggressive dog — a case where bylaw enforcement was involved.

Other cases included assaults, probation breaches, and bail violations.


Impaired driving

A drug-impaired driver was identified on the road this week.

With a recently-certified drug recognition expert on staff in Vanderhoof, a driver suspected of drug usage could be subject to a detailed evaluation that can be used as evidence by the police to pursue charges.

On trails, ATV patrols will return this summer in an effort to prevent impaired driving — additional funds for the campaign were granted to the local police.


Vehicle theft

On June 4, a motorcycle was reported stolen from a residence in downtown Vanderhoof.

Anyone with information are advise to contact the local detachment or anonymously through CrimeStoppers.


New cop in town

On May 28, Cst. Matt Woodbeck joined the Vanderhoof RCMP, his first detachment after graduating from depot training in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Woodbeck hails from a 300-strong community in Ontario called Hampton, located half an hour from a Lake Ontario.

His father was part of the municipal police in Hampton, and he was interested in the career as a kid.

“I did my research, applied, and here I am,” he said. “I’m here for an adventure…looking forward to get to know the community better, and be part of the community.”

He requested for a small northern B.C. town, though he has not been north of Kelowna before.

“I’ve never lived in a city before,” Woodbeck said. “Thought I would fit better in a small town, more in my element.”

So far, Woodbeck is enjoying the beautiful landscape around Vanderhoof, where the rolling hills are akin to those by his home town, he said.

With knowledge in nine different instruments including the guitar, banjo, drums, violin, and organ, Woodbeck enjoys listening and playing music in his spare time.

“Not that I can play them all well, but I can make noise out of all of them.”

– with files from Cpl. Wade Harvey, Vanderhoof RCMP