Legebokoff girlfriend takes the stand at murder trial in Prince George

Alleged serial killer Cody Alan Legebokoff's former girlfriend took the stand during a court hearing in Prince George.

  • Jul. 28, 2014 8:00 a.m.

Via the Prince George Free Press

A woman involved in a three-month intimate relationship with accused serial killer Cody Alan Legebokoff testified at his trial in B.C. Supreme Court on Thursday.

As soon as Amy Voell took the stand, Legebokoff lowered his head for a moment and appeared to be blinking back tears. He is charged with the first degree murder of  Cynthia Maas, Natasha Montgomery and Jill Stuchenko and Loren Leslie.

The trial began June 2.

In response to questions from Crown prosecutor Lara Vizsolyi, Voell said that she first met Legebokoff in the summer of 2010, soon after beginning work at a car dealership where he also worked. She began dating him in September that year. Voell said that shortly after their first date, she began going to Legebokoff’s apartment three or four times a week and often spent the night.

Asked if she noticed any stains in the apartment, Voell said she did.

There was a “bloody hand print” on the wall right as you enter the apartment, Voell testified. She said she also saw a “big blood stain” on the carpet at the end of the hallway leading to Legebokoff’s bedroom, a stain on a living room curtain and another one on a back couch cushion.

The witness said Legebokoff had told her the bloody hand print on the wall was from the time he’d cut his foot one night when he came home intoxicated and that the blood on the curtain was from a nose bleed.

Asked if Legebokoff used alcohol or drugs, the woman replied “alcohol, yes” and  added that while they were dating, the accused had told her he had used marijuana but did not use any other form of drugs.

She also described their final evening together before his arrest.

Both had worked that day (Nov. 27) with Legebokoff getting off work earlier than she did. At 5 p.m. when she got off work and went to Legebokoff’s apartment (about five minutes away) where she said they watched T.V. until “he began to fall asleep on my lap.”

She decided to go home at about 6:30 p.m., she said.

The following day, Voell said she hadn’t seen Legebokoff again and began to worry about him.

“I drove by the apartment (building) to see if his truck was there and it was not.”

She went by later and saw police cars so she went in and spoke with one of the officers, she said, adding, “and that’s when they told me that had happened.”

Legebokoff was arrested Nov. 27, 2010 after he was seen by passing RCMP coming from a dirt road off Highway 27 north of Vanderhoof and questioned.

The body of Loren Leslie, 15, was found near a gravel pit in the vicinity on the same day.

During her testimony, Voell also identified a series of photographs depicting Legebokoff’s apartment.

“Did you see an axe at Mr. Legebokoff’s residence?” asked Vizsolyi.

“I can’t remember,” responded the witness.

The trial resumes on Monday at the Prince George courthouse.