LNG plant and Pacific Trail Pipeline getting closer

Council heard heard Apache spokesperson Marc Douglas, describe the Pacific Trail Pipeline update

District of Vanderhoof council meeting February 13 saw several delegations give presentations to mayor and council including an Apache Corp natural gas presentation. Council heard Apache spokesperson Marc Douglas, describe the Pacific Trail Pipeline update in regards to their proposed underground natural gas pipeline that will start north of Prince George and go due west to Kitimat.

At Kitimat the natural gas will go to will be turned into super-cooled liquid natural at the LNG  facility and then into a shipping terminal.

“All major provincial and federal permits are in place,” to begin constructing the pipeline, Douglas informed council.

He was referring also to the February 2 announcement by the National Energy Board approving an export permit for B.C.’s second LNG facility near Kitimat. Chinese, Korean and Canadian energy companies have invested in the first two projects, and Shell has proposed a third.

The Apache Corp spokesperson, said they are in the process of negotiating with some Asian buyers for the product, but that it can take time to get deals to the final stage.

However they hope to start shipping the non-toxic, non-pressurized and non-flammable LNG product by 2015 if all goes as projected.

Douglas noted the LNG gas is in a growth market upswing and that the project has the support of many first nations groups along with B.C. premier, Christy Clark, who announced February 3, that the B.C. government is relaxing its electricity self-sufficency policy, putting the focus on new electricity supplies for a big expansion of liquefied natural gas exports.