Local athletes compete in PG Iceman

Local athletes compete in PG Iceman

Multi-sport event: skiing, running, skating, swimming

On Sun. Feb. 11, 2018 there were 505 participants in Prince George’s 31st annual Iceman which had a sunny – 16’C start at Otway ski centre.

The Iceman competition is comprised of a 8km cross-country ski, 10km run, 5km speed skate, another 5km run and a 800m swim. Athletes can do all sports event components on their own or as a team of 2 to 5 people.

Vanderhoof athletes competed in solo and team events and the team names entered are quite creative – ‘The Vikings’, ‘Iceman & other fish stories’, ‘Just wait till we get our pool’, ‘No Pun Intended’ and ‘nICE Guys’.



Mark Allison, masters men, placed 3rd in 3:36:33

Tara Bax, masters women, placed 2nd in 2:49:02


The Vikings– open mixed team placed 2nd in 1:59:12

Nolan McCleary, gr. 10, ski

Brian Nemethy, run

Madison Seely, gr. 8, skate

Jeremy Seely, run

Sara McBride, 2yr Unbc, swim

Iceman & other fish stories – open mix team placed 10th in 2:27:06

Sonya Zurevinski, ski

Jessica Seely, run

Terry Lazurak, skate

Jessica Seely, run

Sean Ebert, swim

Just wait till we get our pool – open women placed 3rd in 2:28:41

Zoe Dillion, ski

Sarah Barr, run

Nicole Ebert, skate

Zoe Dillon, run

Sarah Barr, swim

No Pun Intended – open men placed 9th in 2:27:15

Connor Ebert, gr. 11, ski, skate, swim

Logan Sewell, gr. 11, 15km run

nICE Guys – junior mixed team placed 5th in 2:10:47

Grayson Turgeon, gr. 6, 5km run with PG team