Mar. 9 Police Update

Mar. 9 Police Update: limiting cheap alcohol sales, March 3 highway blockage, shoplifting crackdown

Students and the local RCMP prepare for the town-wide flash mob against bullying for Pink Shirt Day on Feb. 24.

Students and the local RCMP prepare for the town-wide flash mob against bullying for Pink Shirt Day on Feb. 24.

Discouraging cooking wine abuse

Sale of Brights 74 Sherry is now becoming limited in Vanderhoof.

During a council-to-council meeting earlier this month, the District of Vanderhoof and the Saik’uz First Nation came together to address alcohol abuse in the region and approached the Vanderhoof’s RCMP for assistance.

As a health concern for all, including youth who may be buying into the product, the councils received requests from the community to have the liquor removed from sales in Vanderhoof.

A 750-millilitre bottle of 74 Sherry, with 20 per cent of alcohol content, is currently priced at $5.99 at BC Liquor Stores online.

Community members with questions and concerns on the product’s removal can contact the local RCMP detachment.


March 3 highway blockage

At 5:45 a.m. on March 3, a collision occurred on Highway 16 within the construction zone by Degal Pit Road led to limited traffic for the rest of the day in the area east of Vanderhoof.

The RCMP believes that, based on physical evidence on scene, an eastbound pickup travelled too quickly at the time, crossing over the central line and turning sideways to the road as its driver lost control.

The driver of a westbound trailer truck, which was pulling a 1203 gasohol fuel tank and travelling slowly due to conditions, saw the impending collision and aimed for the pickup’s back portion to avoid the driver.

The pickup lost its box, one of the trailer truck’s tires was punctured, and both vehicles went into the ravine north of the highway.

A Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement inspector nearby contacted emergency services for fire and hazardous materials, and traffic was limited to single-lane alternating directions until 11:00 p.m. to remove hazardous material and address leakages that were later observed.

Investigation on the incident’s cause continues and the drivers, suffering minor injuries, were taken to the hospital for precaution.


New program against shoplifting

Along with other communities in the North District Vanderhoof’s RCMP is starting a new program to discourage shoplifting in town this year.

Based on results from the North District Crime Analyst, shoplifting in Vanderhoof during 2015’s last quarter — October to December — increased slightly from the same time period in 2014.

Working with local businesses, the police is establishing a better security profile for shops through measures such as surveillance video improvements, shop environment design, and other light security procedures, said Sgt. Svend Nielsen.

He added that although the marginal increase of shoplifting in Vanderhoof may not be a big issue for the community, the security improvements for shops will help address other concerns in the downtown core, such as intoxication and mischief complaints.


– with files from Sgt. Svend Nielsen, Vanderhoof RCMP