Students performing Wizard of Oz in Vanderhoof. (Submitted photo)

Students performing Wizard of Oz in Vanderhoof. (Submitted photo)

McLeod Elementary School presents The Wizard of Oz

Show performances happening at the W.L. McLeod gym

W.L. McLeod Elementary School students are presenting their 13th annual theatre production in Vanderhoof April 28, 29 and 30. This year’s performance is The Wizard of Oz. All the hard work and practice is paying off for students who said they’re excited about performing for the community.

Zoë Erasmus plays the protagonist Dorothy who unwittingly gets caught in a tornado with her dog Toto and ends up in the magical land of Oz on a quest to return home to Kansas.

In order to do that she must follow the Yellow Brick Road to Emerald City and seek help from the reclusive Wizard of Oz.

Being a part of the play is all about cooperation for Erasmus, who turned 12 yesterday. She said performing as Dorothy on her birthday in front of all of her friends was a great moment.

“I might be one of the main characters but it’s always good to have other main characters with me. It’s just really fun being with all my friends and enjoying it all together,” Erasmus said.

“It’s not like Dorothy is scared, she’s having a good time when she’s in Oz and trying to find her way back and she has a whole bunch of friends.”

She said despite their competing interests in The Wizard of Oz, in real life she gets along with 12-year-old Taylor Davidson, who plays the Wicked Witch of the West.

Davidson just turned 12 today and she said she’s also excited to perform tonight on her birthday. She’s been in the school plays since her first year of elementary and she takes her role as the Wicked Witch seriously.

“I can be very scary and then I have these boots with a little heel at the end and it makes me sound like her when she’s walking down the hallway,” Davidson said.

“I just love being the Wicked Witch. It’s a lot of fun and I’m surprised I haven’t lost my voice yet from the cackling. I love arguing with my sister, the Witch of the North. She’s so elegant.”

She said her favourite part of the play is when her character melts at the end of the show due to a bucket of water being thrown onto her by Dorothy. “You get a huge applause. You get to see the people be amazed by how much work the cast has put in and when you have one of the main roles you kind of get recognized for it,” Davidson said.

Davidson also understands why the Witch of the West wants the ruby slippers for herself.

“She sort of has a point because she wants the slippers that were her sister’s but then Dorothy takes them away and then I have to search for them.”

11-year-old Sebastian Togyi plays the Lion. He said he loves the feeling of getting up on stage and performing.

“I feel a little bit of butterflies before I come on but then once I go on the butterflies go away. It’s just the joy of being in the play and entertaining everybody who comes to see it,” Togyi said.

“My advice for people who want to be part of the play once they’re able to, is if you’re nervous just breathe. It’s OK — you’re part of a big group and everybody messes up once in a while.”

12-year-old Hudson Grady plays the Scarecrow. He said at first it was scary getting up on stage and performing but he’s gotten used to it.

“Remembering the lines might take a while but the dancing and all the action is fun. Scarecrow can’t go a scene without making most of the people laugh,” Grady said.

“It’s a big party at the end.”

Show performances are at the W.L. McLeod gym. Tickets are available at Wallace Studios, Vanderhoof Department Store, McLeod Office or at the door.

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