New cross-country ski trail lighting for Vanderhoof’s Nechako Nordics Club

New cross-country ski trail lighting for Vanderhoof's Nechako Nordics Club

Nechako Nordics Club's president Jake Wall (second from left)

Nechako Nordics Club's president Jake Wall (second from left)

A two kilometer lighted ski trail at the Nechako Valley Sporting Association grounds has been upgraded thanks to support from the federal Gas Tax Fund.

The lighting for the original one-and-half kilometer trail has been replaced with energy efficient LED lights. Additional lighting has also been installed, adding another half kilometer to the existing lit trails.

By placing the wiring for the lights underground, the project will eliminate the costly and disruptive effects of fallen trees.

“The completion of this project will see the valuable resource of outdoor winter recreation assured into the next 20 years for the Nechako Valley,” said Paul Collard, director Nechako Valley Sporting Association.

The $90,511.06 project was completed with $51,638.97 from the federal Gas Tax Fund and with $35,000 from the Nechako-Kitamaat Development Foundation. The remaining costs were covered by an energy saving incentive grant from BC Hydro.

“Congratulations to all the partners in this project for supporting improvements to an important recreational resource enjoyed by Nechako Valley residents and visitors,” said John Rustad, MLA Nechako Lakes. “This successful investment demonstrates the practical community-level benefits achieved through the Gas Tax Fund. New lighting will help ensure that people can continue to get together for healthy, outdoor exercise and have fun safely on the ski trails.”

Jerry Petersen, electoral area “F” director of Regional District of Bulkley Nechako, said, “Recreation is a very important part of the economy in our area to retain families and to recruit new families to the area. The Nechako Valley Sporting Association’s Ski Trail lighting Project will expand the recreation potential year round.”