(Photo by Heather Crozier/Facebook)

(Photo by Heather Crozier/Facebook)

New dog park in Vanderhoof

The park is located behind the Museum in the district.

The new dog park in Vanderhoof did not have a hard opening, but the district’s Mayor confirmed with the Express Monday, Aug. 24 morning that the park is open for residents to use.

Fences went up approximately two weeks ago.

Mayor Gerry Thiessen said four to five years ago people were asking for a dog park. “There was a real desire in the community, to have a place to allow their dogs to run loose and play.”

The park is located right behind the museum on Pine Road. There was minimal cost to put up the dog park as its municipal property.

“When I went to the dog park last week, I was encouraged to see the etiquette of owners of the dogs and the dogs too,”he said.

Rules such as cleaning up after your dogs, having leashes on your pets while entering and exiting, have been posted on the fence right outside the park.

Aman Parhar
Editor, Vanderhoof Omineca Express


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