New Gold’s Blackwater project announces drilling operations.

New Golds backwater projects set to begin summer drilling and resource investigation.

Jesse Cole

Omineca Express

New Gold’s blackwater project has begun work again with new regional drilling programs that is expected to spend upwards of $20 million, 80 per cent of which would be spent in the local region to accommodate project activities.

The blackwater mining project has spent $155 million to date on services in the region and has also donated upwards of $175,000 in community charities throughout the region.

The 2014 seasons drilling is to be focused on resource investigation in the surrounding land near the blackwater project, according to a press release from New Gold. It will run throughout the summer and into October 2014.

Open houses on the progress of the blackwater project as well as the environmental status of the project will be held later in the year and will contribute to the projects federal and provincial environmental approval application.

Tim Bekhuys, the Director for the Blackwater Project, said in a press release that New Gold hopes to build a project that will have long-lasting benefits to the communities near to it. “As we move the Blackwater Project through the environmental assessment process, we are building on the strong relationships we have developed during the last 3 years with local communities and First Nations. We want to ensure we build a project that has long term benefits to the region” he said.


The project is being built 110 kilometres southwest of Vanderhoof and when fully operational the Blackwater Project hopes to employ a 500 person workforce as well as employing close to 1,500 construction workers during the building process.