New taxi service revealed

A new taxi service is now available in Vanderhoof.

A new taxi service is now available in Vanderhoof.

As of the beginning of February, Claude Carriere and his son are running a one-car taxi service in the Vanderhoof, Cluculz Lake, Fraser Lake and Fort St. James areas after obtaining the licence from the previous owner.

Stuart Nechako Taxi has been kept under wraps until now while Carriere made sure all of the paperwork was approved by the governing agency.

The two started the progress of setting up the service at the beginning of July when the last owner ceased operations.

“There is quite a process,” said Carrier.

“One thing I had to do was to submit a business plan to the government to show the viability of the business and for them to see if I’m being realistic … and if I’d be successful at it.

“They have to approve you before you get the transfer of the licence,” he said.

The taxis rates and boundaries are all set and regulated by the governing body which is the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

“They set all the rules and monitor all aspects of each and every taxi business in the province,” said Carriere.

“The rates charged to the customer are set by them; not the taxi company.” he said.

The rates will be calculated by a combination of the flag rate, which is the starting rate on the meter, and the distance travelled and the length of time it takes for the trip, which is automatically calculated by the meter. For longer trips, for example, to Prince George, a predetermined flat rate may be charged.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure also sets limits in terms of where the service can pick up fares, and although the service can only pick up in Vanderhoof, Cluculz Lake, Fraser Lake and Fort St. James, it can technically take you anywhere in B.C.

The taxi is a large sized minivan and can carry six passengers. As well as regular passenger transportation, Carriere will also provide other services such as food and drink pick up and deliveries, crew transportation, one way and return long distance transportation and vehicle battery problem ‘jump starts.’

Hours of service will be, for the moment, dependent on demand.

Carriere has been living in the Vanderhoof area for the last 15 years but grew up in the lower mainland and has been self-employed for much of his life.

“I’m certainly looking forward to starting this new venture … and I am excited to start meeting and serving the public,” he said.

Until Carriere is set up to accept Visa and MasterCard, only cash will be accepted. However Carriere is willing to drive customers to their ATM free of charge.

“The quality of service will be top notch but the availability of this service will ultimately be decided by the demand for it from the community,” said Carriere.

“I look forward to doing everything I can to provide this service for a long time to come.”

Contacts: Dispatch: 250-570-8294 ( 250-570-TAXI) E-mail: Comments or questions?