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Northern Health staff will soon be checking immunization records for students

The organization sent a letter to parents reminding them about the province’s new Vaccination Status Reporting Regulation

Northern Health has sent a letter to parents this week reminding them about the requirements of vaccination under B.C.’s new Vaccination Status Reporting Regulation.

This regulation came into effect on July 1, 2019 and supports the gathering of immunization records by Public Health. The regulation applies to all students in school’s within the province’s jurisdiction including students who are home-schooled.

These regulations do not apply to children attending schools in First Nation communities.

The letter states that in the coming months, Northern Health staff will check the immunization records on file for school aged children. Staff will identify children whose records are missing or incomplete and then the families of these children may be contacted.

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Families who are contacted will be asked to provide immunization information, and Northern Health will let these families know where their children can receive immunizations.

Public Health staff have completed immunization information on file for most children. Hence, for this reason, most families will not be contacted and don’t need to take further action.

To check your child’s immunization record online, check Vaccination Status Indication tool. This tool tells you if your child’s immunization record is on file with Public Health, but does not provide any details about their immunization status or history.

“Collection immunization information allows us to connect with families about the importance of disease prevention. It also helps public health to control outbreaks by quickly identifying children who are not fully immunized and helps everyone get back to learning as soon as possible,” states the Nov. 4 letter from Northern Health.

For more information, please visit – https://immunizebc.ca/vaccination-status-reporting-regulation.

Aman Parhar
Editor, Vanderhoof Omineca Express


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