Oct. 26 Police Update: snowy accidents, retail theft

Vanderhoof’s local RCMP detachment lodged 92 files, which included seven prisoners, in the past week.

On Oct. 14

On Oct. 14

Vanderhoof’s local RCMP detachment lodged 92 files, which included seven prisoners, in the past week.


A snowy day of accidents

Vehicles whirled among snowflakes on Highway 16 during the first heavy snowfall of the season in Vanderhoof on Oct. 14.

Seven accidents, four of which took place between the Derksen Road intersection and highway curve east of Saranovich Road, were reported within 45 minutes during the snowy morning.

In the area, the RCMP were blocking off the road, to allow a tow truck to safely remove a vehicle that was hanging off the highway, when the accidents began from westbound traffic.

Spotting the blockage, one driver attempted to turn around abruptly but lost control. Eleven vehicles in total, including a dump truck and a trailer, were involved in the incidents that followed

While weather was a big factor in causing the events, the police advise drivers to ensure all surrounding traffic has stopped before a safe turnaround, and that there are adequate space between vehicles at all times.

Also during that hour, a vehicle travelling eastbound on Highway 16 by Bearhead Road lost control, colliding with a westbound school bus, which turned and stopped headfirst in the north side embankment. Two students suffered minor injuries.


Prompt owner and RCMP responses led to arrest

At 10 p.m. on Oct. 16, an alarm sounded at a residential backyard shed along Omineca Street.

The owners, reporting to the RCMP and going to the secured shed to investigate, saw a man measuring five feet 10 inches tall near their property, walking towards a black Ford truck with a bag.

Attending RCMP members located the vehicle within minutes and arrested the man for break-and-enter.

Tested for impaired driving by North District Traffic Services, the man is suspended from driving for 90 days, with his vehicle impounded for 30 days. The non-local man is known to the police.

He has now been released with no charge.


Retail cash thefts

Subway Restaurant and Gas Bar of Vanderhoof and Districts Co-op were broken into during early morning hours last week.

At 7:45 a.m. on Oct. 16, a man forced open Subway’s rear-facing door and took about $100 of cash from the till.

According to video surveillance , the suspect is a tall skinny male wearing a black and grey striped sweater. He wore gloves, kept his head down, and had his hood up during the theft.

The RCMP’s forensics team attended to collect evidence for investigation.

On Oct. 18 at 11 p.m. an alarm sounded at Co-op’s gas bar, but a staff member who responded with attending police officers did not have a key to the facility.

Nothing seemed amiss on site until the next morning, when staff reports a break-in to the office. Someone entered a back window, discovered the till empty, and left.

Video surveillance showed a suspect with similar clothes, behaviour, and actions as that of Subway break-in.

The police reminds businesses to empty cash from the till and keep money in secure locations, to deter theft during off hours. Staff members responding to sounded alarms should have access into the facility as well, in order for prompt investigation.

Investigation continues, and anyone with information is advised to contact the local detachment directly or share through CrimeStoppers.


– with files from Sgt. Svend Nielsen, Vanderhoof RCMP