Picketers protest McGuiney appeal

Family members of Dwayne Pearson stood out front the Vanderhoof courthouse Monday.

PEARSON FAMILY: Daniel O’Leary- childhood friend

PEARSON FAMILY: Daniel O’Leary- childhood friend

The Vanderhoof Courthouse saw picketing action Monday as family members of Dwayne Pearson protested against Christopher McGuiney of Fraser Lake.

McGuiney had tried his luck at an appeal on conditions that were made after he was charged with multiple counts of impaired driving in relation to the crash that killed Pearson Jan. 17, 2014.  McGuiney’s conditions were set at the Dec. 29, 2014 bail hearing and included not being able to operate or be found in the driver’s seat of a motor vehicle and no alcohol use.

McGuiney’s appeal was reviewed and his conditions were not changed.