Principals move in Nechako Lakes school district

Charlene Seguin, Superintendent of Schools is pleased to announce the following administrative changes within School District 91:

Charlene Seguin, Superintendent of Schools is pleased to announce the following administrative changes within School District 91:

Best wishes to Kirsten Froese, one of the current two vice principals at EBUS, who has accepted the principalship of Telkwa Elementary in the Bulkley Valley School District. Kirsten has spent the majority of her teaching and administrative career within School District 91 but looks forward to moving, with her husband Robin, to their new home in Telkwa.

Best wishes as well to Vince Hewgill, current principal of Decker Lake Elementary, who will be retiring at the end of this school year. Mr Hewgill has a variety of plans for his retirement including becoming an apiarist.

Dylan Watt, current principal of both Grassy Plains Elementary Secondary School and Babine Elementary Secondary School (BESS) has been transferred to share the joint principalship of Decker Lake Elementary and BESS. Prior to Mr. Watt’s two years in Nechako Lakes School District, he spent 17 years as a lead teacher at Maple Ridge Secondary.

Best wishes to Caroline Deane, current principal at Francois Lake, who has chosen to return to teaching in the community of Burns Lake. Ms. Deane has a lengthy history of being an exemplary classroom teacher and looks forward to having her own classroom.

Congratulations to Mr. Brian Cross, current vice principal of Nechako Valley Secondary, who has been appointed as the new principal of Fraser Lake Elementary Secondary. In addition to Mr. Cross’s extensive teaching experience, he has also served as the vice principal at EBUS Academy and the principal of Sinkut View Elementary. Mr. Cross originally taught at FLESS as a new teacher and looks forward to returning to FLESS.

Congratulations to Mrs. Lisa Ketlo, the current principal of Fraser Lake Elementary Secondary,who has accepted a position as a District Vice Principal within the Learner Services Department. Lisa is a very experienced educator who is looking forward to supporting students, teachers and schools at a district level.

Congratulations to Ms. Stacey Soffel, current vice principal at FLESS, who has successfully interviewed for the vice principalship at EBUS Academy. Stacey worked at EBUS for eighty years prior to taking on the principalship of Fort Fraser and then the vice principalship at Fraser Lake Secondary. She looks forward to returning to EBUS and bringing along her experiences since she was last there.

Ms. Denise Dowswell, currently the joint vice-principal of both NVSS and WL McLeod, will be assuming the single vice principalship at NVSS as of Sept. 2016. Ms. Dowswell has extensive experience in special education / student services and most recently was the vice principal assigned to the Middle Years program at NVSS. Denise and her family have an extensive farming history in Vanderhoof and she is also a proud graduate of Nechako Valley Secondary.

The following administrative vacancies have been posted: Francois Lake Elementary Principal, Grassy Plains Elementary Secondary Principal, and Fraser Lake Elementary Secondary Vice Principal.