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Puppy found injured in icy weather conditions in Fort St. James

A donation drive is ongoing in order to get the puppy the medical attention needed for his wound
Donations are being collected for a young injured puppy that was recently rescued after being found outside in Fort St. James. (Luvs Northern Animal Rescue Facebook photo)

By Sobia Moman

An injured dog was found in the frigid winter cold and rescued by a Fort St. James woman.

Miranda Brignall was driving one way and noticed the dog sitting on the side of the road in a heap of snow. He was still there when she was driving back, many hours later on Jan. 5. This prompted her to pull over and bring the dog home which is where she noticed his injured hind leg.

How he was injured is unknown but Brignall observed a hole which appeared to go straight through the puppy’s leg.

The determined resident packed her car with her baby, and the nameless puppy and drove four hours to Prince George in a snowstorm to bring him to the Luvs Northern Animal Rescue organization.

“It takes special kinds of people to help and rescue. She told me that she would do anything to help an animal and she volunteered to help out again,” said Andrea Sowers, founder of Luvs Northern Animal Rescue.

Before Brignall could take the puppy to Sowers, she called around the community to track down the owner of the puppy. He was reached and was unaware of the injuries that his dog sustained.

“When the pup came in, we got negative feedback right away, ‘why didn’t the owner do anything?’ people attack right away. The owner could not financially help so he surrendered him to us,” Sowers said.

The hospital bills for the puppy are beginning at $700 so the organization made a social media post on Facebook to ask for donations, which has now reached $500.

The organization does not have a facility, but is run out of the four members’ homes, who are all moms with children. This is beneficial for the animals as they are not locked up in cages or kennels.

“They’re in a home with a family being loved and it makes the adoption process so easy because we really get the time to know the animals so when it’s time to place them, we know what they’re like in a home,” Sowers said.

Luvs Northern Animal Rescue is a small volunteer-driven organization and donations are a necessity for their operations.

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