Cora Manwaring

Cora Manwaring

Racers Attend Cross-country Ski Race

Last Saturday, January 18, 110 cross-country skiers came to the NVSA ski range in Vanderhoof for the Teck Northern Cup.

Submitted by Wanda Nemethy:

“Although our weather has not been looking like winter lately, our ski trails at the Nechako Valley Sporting Association (NVSA)  have managed to hold up so that we were able to host the third race in the Northern Cup series which is sponsored by Teck. Teck is the title sponsor of each regional cup in BC. Clubs accumulate points based on finishing positions of skiers within categories and participation in the event. Within each region a club has the opportunity to win the regional cup for the year.

Last Saturday January 18th 110 cross-country skiers came to the NVSA ski range, in Vanderhoof, to take part in the Teck Northern Cup ski race.  Temperatures of minus seven Celsius at race start were ideal for the event.

Skiers ranging in age from five years old to 62 years old, and from four communities in the north (Prince George, Vanderhoof, Burns Lake and Smithers) took part in an interval start skate technique race format. Our youngest category (Atoms five to seven years old) completed a 0.75 km course, while the oldest competitors (open and masters) completed a 10 km course. All other categories completed distances within the 0.75km to 10 km range. A total of 43 skiers from the Nechako Nordics took part in the event. Curious about results- check out and scroll down to 2014 Teck Northern Cup #3.

Of course no event of this size can be successful without the support of sponsors and volunteers. Many thanks to the title sponsor of the event Teck  and our local sponsors; Avison Forest Management, L and M Lumber, Earthenware, Woody’s Bakery, the Co-op, Extra Foods, and Dykam  Ranch and Tamon Creek Farms for the outstanding beef sandwiches , as well as Biathlon BC ,for use of the timing equipment. Thanks to Clarke Action photography who provided photo services.  Our approximately 40 volunteers from our club and community helped make our event run efficiently and enabled it to be a memorable and fun experience for all participants.”

Atom Boys, .75km

First – Theo Clarke, Nechako Nordics

Second – Briar Folkeard, Nechako Nordics

Third – Vian Thoma, Nechako Nordics

Atom Girls, .75km

First – Payton Sinclair, Caledonia Nordic

Second – Danielle Clare, Caledonia Nordic

Third – Iona Cadell, Caledonia Nordic




Pee Wee Boys 1, 1.5km

First – Jeffrey Reynolds, Omineca

Second – James Baxter, Bulkley Valley

Third – Liam Sinclair, Caledonia Nordic

Pee Wee Boys 2

First – Joshua Fiala, Caledonia Nordic

Second – Euan Murray, Caledonia Nordic

Pee Wee Girls 1, 1.5km

First – Mya Blackburn, Caledonia Nordic

Second – Cara Nesset, Caledonia Nordic

Third – Hannah Parslow, Caledonia Nordic

Pee Wee Girls 2

First – Stephanie Horning, Caledonia Nordic

Second – Adrienne Bender, Omineca

Third – Emma Hoogeveen, Caledonia Nordic




Bantam Boys 1, 2.5km

First – Martin Williamson, Caledonia Nordic

Second – Conor Murphy, Bulkley Valley

Third – Gregory Baxter, Bulkley Valley

Bantam Boys 2

First – Liam Connon, Caledonia Nordic

Second – Elliott Tone, Nechako Nordics

Third – Cameron Stewart, Omineca

Bantam Girls 1, 2.5km

First – Elise Clare, Caledonia Nordic

Second – Lia Huggett, Caledonia Nordic

Third – Brynn Witwicki, Caledonia Nordic

Bantam Girls 2

First – Sadie Bialuski, Caledonia Nordic

Second – Nicole McBride, Nechako Nordics

Third – Linnea Moutray, Nechako Nordics




Midget Boys 1, 3.1km

First – Jesse Smids, Bulkley Valley

Second – Marco Bucher, Bulkley Valley

Third – Rory Finnegan, Bulkley Valley

Midget Boys 2

First – Andrew Gatacre, Nechako Nordics

Midget Girls 1, 3.1km

First – Zoe Hallman, Bulkley Valley

Second – Haley Hanchard, Bulkley Valley

Third – Danika Fiala, Caledonia Nordic







Juvenile Boys 1, 6km

First – Charlie Borek, Nechako Nordics

Juvenile Boys 2

First – Logan Sherba, Caledonia Nordic

Second – Kristian Jensen-LeBlanc, Caledonia Nordic

Juvenile Girls 1, 6km

First – Kaia Andal, Caledonia Nordic

Second – Alex von Geyer, Caledonia Nordic

Third – Fenna Nellen, Nechako Nordics







Junior Boys, 7.3km

First – Alexander Nemethy, Nechako Nordics

Second – Markus Klein, Nechako Nordics

Third – Colton Mac Dougall, Caledonia Nordic

Junior Girls, 7.3km

First – Pippa Roots, Caledonia Nordic




Open Men, 10km

First – Andrew Casey, Caledonia Nordic

Second – David Zurevinski, Nechako Nordics




Masters Men, 10km

First – Greg Tone, Nechako Nordics

Second – Cory Williamson, Caledonia Nordic

Third – Walter Bucher, Bulkley Valley

Masters Women, 10km

First – Jacqui Pettersen, Caledonia Nordic

Second – Angela Wheeler, Nechako Nordics

Third – Carolyn Bax, Caledonia Nordic