The L&M Lumber mill

The L&M Lumber mill

RCMP investigate suspicious package at L&M Lumber.

A suspicious package, initially believed to be an explosive device had workers and RCMP officers on their toes as they investigated.

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On Wednesday, Sept. 17 at around 11 a.m. Vanderhoof RCMP were advised of  a harassment case in which a male had been reported as watching the house of an ex-partner. A subsequent investigation by Vanderhoof RCMP found that an occurrence of criminal harassment had occurred and RCMP officers arrested the suspect under their violence and relationships policy. The suspect, a 42 year old male, was charged with criminal harassment and appeared in court on Sept. 19 in Prince George for a bail hearing.

The Vanderhoof RCMP noted that they take issues like this one very seriously and pursue them to the fullest extent possible.


On Thursday, Sept. 18 at around 11 a.m. Vanderhoof RCMP officers responded to a report of suspicious material at the L&M Lumber mill in Vanderhoof. L&M Lumber initiated evacuation measures and RCMP officers secured the scene and began an investigation into the report.

B.C. RCMP Explosives Unit was contacted in regards to the suspicious material which was initially believed by some to be an explosive device.

The subsequent investigation led RCMP officers to a home in the area of Vanderview Drive. Officers secured the home of the suspect without incident and they were taken into custody.

Residents in the Vanderview Drive area were evacuated and others were told to remain inside their homes while officers investigated.

RCMP Officers with the advice from the B.C. RCMP Explosive Unit recovered the suspicious material and through an investigation determined that the material posed no threat.


Cpl Justin Thiessen, commander of the Vanderhoof RCMP detachment said in a  press release, “At no point during this investigation was the public put in harm’s way and we are very pleased with the way that the mill responded to the incident and the way our members responded in this potentially high risk situation. We are relieved that this is where the evidence took us and pleased with the outcome.”

The suspect was lated released by RCMP officers.





Vanderhoof RCMP Officers reported that now that school has resumed it is important to be aware of school zones while driving. Speeding penalties in school zones are significantly stiffer than regular speeding fines and can affect your insurance premiums, impound your vehicle or hurt your bank account.


Penalties for travelling one to 20 kilometres over the speed limit while in a school zone carries with it a fine of $196, whereas a normal fine would be $138. Driving at a speed that is 21 to 40 kilometres over the speed limit in a school zone carries with it a fine of $253 compared to a regular fine of $196.  Travelling in  excess of 40 kilometres in a school zone warrants a charge of excessive driving that carries with it a fine of $368, a 7 day vehicle impoundment and an insurance premium increase associated with aggressive driving that lasts for three years.