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Remedy Rebuild is open for business in Vanderhoof

There is a new small business in Vanderhoof providing services around restorative care that is now accepting customers.
Magdalena Saito is also an artist, other than being a clinically trained herbal therapist. In this photo she is standing in front of her paintings at the Street Art Show in Vanderhoof opposite the Integris Credit Union building. (Aman Parhar/Omineca Express)

There is a new small business in Vanderhoof providing services around restorative care that is now accepting customers.

Remedy Rebuild started by Magdalena Saito is a business aimed to provide remedies to rebalance and assist the body in rebuilding.

“Our bodies are designed to heal, so supporting that process is key,” says Saito.

“However, the focus of my medical practice is not only about providing remedies. Rebalancing one’s body can include journaling, finding a better way to sleep, practicing affirmations, creating art, meditating, etc.”

As a clinically trained herbal therapist, Saito blends teas and tinctures specifically for individuals. She also sells a small selection of vitamins and supplements.

“Having a herbal apothecary handy means customers can create their own herbal blends and even spices can be purchased in bulk or enough to fill a salt share. This flexibility and personalization take the stress of excess off,” she said.

Saito is also offering Live Blood Analysis at her new business. Additionally, clients will be able to take advantage of reflexology.

Reflexology is a popular service, Saito said, explaining that clients get to be on a PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field), infrared, light therapy mat where they can relax or tune out and take a break while being pampered.

Saito did her Holistic Health Practitioner training at the University of Grant McEwan University in the alternative Health Sciences. This 2-year condensed program was filled with a multitude of classes and topics in the alternative health field, she said.

“As someone who values creativity for mental health, I thoroughly enjoy art as a method of self-care. Creativity is fantastic for mental health which is why I am committed to promoting it in the community,” she said.

As there were no job opportunities within her field when she moved to Vanderhoof, Saito started a home-based business while she continued with her education, and raised her two children. It wasn’t until COVID-19 put a stop to her in-the-home business, that she built a new office area to better serve her clients.

Interested residents can reach out to Saito via call or text at 250-524-0333, or email her at or visit her website at She is located on 2561 Campbell Avenue.

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Aman Parhar
Editor - Vanderhoof Omineca Express, Caledonia Courier

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