River meet moved to March 29

NEEF) meetings that were expected for this week will be postponed until end of March

The Nechako Environmental Enhancement Fund (NEEF) committee meetings that were expected for this week will be postponed to the last week in March.

The next round of meetings for enhancement fund managers in Vanderhoof have now been confirmed, fund administrator Roderick Bell-Irving stated.

The public workshop/meeting for Vanderhoof will be held at the Nechako Seniors Friendship Centre on Victoria St. Thursday, March 29 at 6:30 p.m.

Everyone interested in Nechako and Cheslatta river health topics is welcome to attend and bring ideas to the river workshop. Discussions will look at how to use a multi-million dollar fund for projects to benefit  the Nechako watershed.

The NEEF committee is charged with the task of consulting with the public on alternatives to a water release facility. Plans for  that project were scrapped citing concerns with the high cost of construction and lack of funding partners .

The river rehabilitation fund was part of the Kemano project Nechako rehabilitation fund pledged along with Alcan’s condition that the funds be matched by “another person” before they will release them for enhancement projects, up to $50 million.

The province made it clear in December 2011 it would not be partnering with Alcan and so the fund became clearly without partners for funding enhancement projects. However the province appointed a new management committee, (NEEF) to look at other ways of helping rehabilitate the important river.