Vanderhoof's roads have been re-painted and will soon have nearly $200

Vanderhoof's roads have been re-painted and will soon have nearly $200

Road construction

Vanderhoof's main roads have been repainted, now a few need to be seal coated which means more rerouting for residents.

Vanderhoof’s roads have been having a lot of work done lately, many main roads have been blocked off forcing residents to drive around certain areas.

This is all according to a city budget of $35,000, all inclusive, to pay for the contractors and workers to finish the lines.

When asked when the work would be finished Carver replied that he would have liked to have it done already but due to the weather changing from sunny to absolutely pouring all the time it’s difficult to get any painting done.

“It’s a lot of work involved to get the machines ready and stuff so we want to make sure that there’s a stretch of good weather coming,” he said. “For me, it was trying to get Burrard done first.”

This is due to Burrard Avenue’s road lines beginning to disappear and the fact that it’s Vanderhoof’s main street. Carver said that if the lines disappear it becomes that much harder for the contractors to paint proper lines.

More roadwork is planned for Maple Crescent, and Alder, Egner and William roads. These four roads will have to seal coated, a process that has $192,000 set out for it in the budget. Seal coating, an oil and gravel mix, can make the roads last another 20 years, with the help of maintenance every three or four years. The coating will help keep the maintenance cost down on the roads and is expected to be finished by the first week of August.

“We’ve been getting some pretty good pricing this year even for the asphalt around town,” said Carver. “It depends on the volume obviously, if you put out enough then it makes sense for them to reduce your rates.”