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Roofers rescue Terrace Little Theatre as roof blows off in morning blizzard

“It’s humbling and very much in the Christmas spirit,” say theatre staff
Robin MacLeod (left) and Nancy Stone Archer of Terrace Little Theatre were ‘blown away’ by the roofers’ swift support Friday morning. (Submitted photo)

When strong winds took off a section of the roof Friday morning, Terrace Little Theatre president Robin MacLeod, and treasurer Nancy Stone Archer were at a loss what to do, since work crews were off for the holidays.

“We got a call this morning from our neighbour who said that there was a major issue with the roof… The north half of the roof had just got caught in the wind and blown off,” MacLeod explained.

“Nancy was out on the roof and I elected not to go out there.”

The women were fortunate to get hold of Andy Smith of A & J Roofing, who was on-site with his crew within an hour, ready to patch things up.

‘Blown away’ by the roofers’ swift response, MacLeod and Stone Archer also want to thank Ross Smith, Wally Faetz, Nathan Archer, and Jacquie Munson for helping get things sorted amid the morning mayhem, adding that the temporary fix will keep the little theatre’s equipment safe for the time being.

“We are extremely grateful to live and perform in Terrace, in this community of people who will come out in a blizzard to help a local non-profit deal with an emergency situation. It’s humbling and very much in the Christmas spirit,” said Stone Archer.

“Especially for Andy to come out when his crew was on Christmas vacation and to make a repair happen on a key peice of the building — it’s where all our technical equipment is stored.”

The theatre has since started a fundraiser to build a new roof that will better withstand future blizzards.


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