UNBC foreign scholarship giveaway

How does UNBC celebrate Canada 150? With 150 scholarships for international students.

A press release from UNBC last week announced a new scholarship program to attract international students while celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday and the diversity that has made Canada the influential and inspiring country it has become in the 150 years since Confederation.

“UNBC’s Canada 150th Anniversary International Scholarship program will offer 150 renewable scholarships, valued at $2,000 per year for up to four years (total $8,000 per student). The scholarships will be available to students from around the globe, and will help encourage and foster international education, improve social and cultural vibrancy on UNBC campuses, and celebrate Canada’s standing as a diverse, welcoming nation.”

“Canada is a beacon for those seeking outstanding post-secondary opportunities abroad, and we know internationalization at our University has tremendous value,” says UNBC President Dr. Daniel Weeks. These awards will recognize our leadership capacity in this area, and allow us to recruit and retain some of the very best minds from around the world.”

Dr. Weeks announced the scholarship at an event in Beijing China, where UNBC representatives were celebrating the Concord College of Sino Canada’s 20th anniversary. That College offers Chinese and Canadian high school education curricula to more than 20,000 students across China. “Students from Concord, as part of that network’s expanding global presence, along with those from other international networks will be strong candidates for UNBC’s Canada 150th Anniversary International Scholarships.”


Editor’s Note: Readers; what do you think? Is this a good thing? How come an “Around the globe” announcement was made at an event in Beijing and not also in other countries worldwide? What about supporting local Canadian students in Northern BC? Am I overreacting? Help me understand why this is an appropriate way to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday.

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