Vanderhoof activist running for council

Jeff Craig moved to Vanderhoof a decade ago to raise a family

Vanderhoof’s Jeff Craig is running for council (Photo courtesy Jeff Craig)

Vanderhoof’s Jeff Craig is running for council (Photo courtesy Jeff Craig)

Vanderhoof resident Jeff Craig has thrown his hat in the ring for the council elections coming up next month.

“I started becoming more vocal in the community,” said Craig. “After kind of doing a little bit of activism around town, I’ve had many people approach me suggesting I run I’d make a good voice for the community.

The 34-year-old Craig said he talked over running for office with his wife and family before deciding this was the right time to run, adding that he has the time and energy to put in.

Earlier, Craig joined the pride event planning committee for Vanderhoof.

“We had a hectic year at the beginning, but helped organize set up,” said Craig. “Vanderhoof had their first successful Pride event and I think we had close to 300 people show up to attend.”

As a trades-person, Craig said he hopes to offer a fresh perspective if elected to council.

“My wife is a nurse and it just seems like a lot of what I had to say, people wanted to listen, said Craig. “I think I can set a pretty good example as a leader in the community as well.”

Craig also volunteers with the local Air Cadets and says he is a hard worker, not just at his job, but in the community as well, and has experienced community concerns firsthand.

When he and his wife moved here 10 years ago, he said, they called over 25 places looking for a place to rent and repeated that process when searching for a house to but.

“The reason I’m staying at home with the kids is because there’s a huge lack of childcare in town,” said Craig. “I just want to see the community continue to grow. I want to see the community continue to be make steps toward being more inclusive and accepting of everybody, regardless their walk of life.

“I mean, this is where my wife and I chose to live, chose to start a family. We don’t want to turn people away.”

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