Shannon Woode at her studio in Vanderhoof, B.C. (Aman Parhar/Omineca Express)

Shannon Woode at her studio in Vanderhoof, B.C. (Aman Parhar/Omineca Express)

Vanderhoof artist loving their return home

Shannon Woode has moved back from the Sunshine Coast

Shannon Woode is extremely grateful to find herself in Vanderhoof as the new year gets underway.

Last summer, the artist, yoga practitioner, and retired social worker returned to her home roots to her father, entered a partnership with Wish Day Spa, and moved into her own property overlooking the Nechako River.

“2022 is an interesting year,” Woode said.

“All these twos are symbolic of relationship, and so 2022 is a great number for everybody to write to remind themselves over and over again that the most important thing they can do is prioritize relationship and harmony in order to heal themselves and bring their hearts into alignment with their minds.”

Before returning to Vanderhoof, Woode had lived on the Sunshine Coast for two decades where she began her discovery of painting.

On her website which Woode said she is in the process of updating, she describes her art as an invitation to participate in the conversation of reconciliation that reconsiders our relationship with ourselves, with the land and the history of colonization.

Some of Woode’s paintings continue to be on display in the windows of the arts room of the YMCA-Community Centre building.

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Over her career, she had also worked in northern B.C. in communities such as Atlin, Telegraph Creek, Prince Rupert and Hazelton in various social service roles and capacities.

“When I started painting the themes of my work; as a social worker, the themes of my speaking with elders and working closely with Indigenous partners; being guided by their guidance and the work we were doing together, really was the thing that started to show up as I painted about nature,” Woode said.

“Really it’s all about the land, and nature is the epitome of the source of energy and flows for all of us to understand and live by and be part of—we are actually nature.”

Woode hasn’t completed a focused series since 2016, when her mother had passed away in Vanderhoof.

As she lands back into northern life and having a studio space above Wish Day Spa she said she has started a new series, ‘Follow Your True North’ exploring meditation and life in harmony.

Woode had agreed to purchase Wish Day Spa from Lana Thompson on the condition she stay.

The pair have exciting visions to expand and unfold the inclusive space into a hub of well-being where Woode’s art will be spread out.

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