Vanderhoof cattlemen seeking long-term fibre supply

The Nechako Valley Regional Cattlemen’s Association presented to the district council on April 25.

Ranchers in Vanderhoof and area are looking for help in securing a long-term fibre supply for their cattle.

The Nechako Valley Regional Cattlemen’s Association, represented by Shirley Moon, Alex Kulchar, and Wayne Funk, presented to the district council on April 25.

Wood shavings provide clean bedding for cattle to avoid diseases, increase cattle comfort, as well as improve the region’s soil for crops, Moon stated.

With the recent rise of pellet plants, which utilize wood chips to produce convenient fuel for stoves, and the dwindling supply of wood in the area, the organization questions its supply of fibre in the near future.

At the provincial level, the group is looking to convince the B.C. government that the industry should be first in line for wood shavings, Moon said.

The organization’s current contract for wood shavings from local logging companies will end in 2018.


Updated May 9:

A previous version of this story misquoted Shirley Moon for stating that clean bedding helps cattle avoid diseases such as mad cow.

The disease, formally known as Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, is transmitted through meat and bone meal that was included in cattle feed in the past, according to Canadian Food Inspection Agency.