Students united to spread kindness in the community on Pink Shirt Day. (Submitted photo)

Vanderhoof elementary school celebrates Pink Shirt Day

W.L. McLeod Elementary School students came together to promote kindness, caring and inclusion on Pink Shirt Day

Vanderhoof elementary school students celebrated Pink Shirt Day on Wednesday Feb. 23 and the theme for the 2022 Pink Shirt Day was “Lift Each Other Up”.

Each class created three giant hearts for community partners that were displayed in the windows of Vanderhoof businesses. The hearts represent each child in the middle surrounded by other hearts representing the adults in the school who they know believe in them.

Students and faculty all wore their pink shirts and went on a walk around town to show them off and to see all of their community partner’s hearts that students gave out the week prior.

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W.L. McLeod Elementary School Principal Libby Hart said the goal was to share the Pink Shirt Day message of kindness, caring and inclusion.

The school also put together a video of its many Pink Shirt Day activities from previous years for classes to watch.

Meanwhile, the Parent Advisory Committee bought a Pink Shirt for every child and adult in the building to paint and design to design their own.

Students were asked to think about two adults in this school who believe they will be a success in life.

“Research tells us that having adults who believe in you at school (and knowing it) positively and dramatically impacts student success,” Hart said.


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