Vanderhoof museum closed, historical society disbanded

Vanderhoof’s community museum is now closed indefinitely until further notice.

As of July 19

As of July 19

Vanderhoof’s community museum is now closed indefinitely until further notice.

On July 19, former directors of the Nechako Valley Historical Society made the decision as they convened at the OK Cafe as concerned citizens — the society lost its registered status with the BC Registry Services since May 12, when the provincial body delivered a third notice to the society for misfiling.

For the last three years, the society failed to file its annual general meeting minutes and membership fees to the registry, said NVHS director Heather Stephens, who has previously served as the museum’s curator for six years.

“As a society since 1971, we’re happy on what we accomplished,” Stephens said. “We held and upheld the values of the historical society.”

Now working to reinstate the non-profit group, former members are dealing with legal advice regarding the museum’s building and bank account, as the society no longer exists legally.

Former society president Jessi Wilson also resigned from her post.

“[We] are just going to continue as concerned citizens interested in history,“ Stephens said. “Hopefully by the next year, we’ll be up and running again by spring.”

Dwindling membership and financial discrepancies in recent months were other concerns raised during the meeting; the RCMP has been contacted and is investigating the case.

Four employees displaced by the museum’s closure are now continuing work with the District of Vanderhoof’s parks department.

“We’re helping as much as we can to get their [society] status back,” said the district’s CFO Joe Ukryn.