Canada Post building in Vanderhoof. (Aman Parhar photo)

Canada Post building in Vanderhoof. (Aman Parhar photo)

Vanderhoof residents can’t drop off mail outside the post office anymore

Postmaster said the mail boxes outside the post office have been sealed off

The mail boxes outside the post office in Vanderhoof have been sealed off.

“They are sealed and are sealed for a reason. We are looking to get another box, but until we don’t, you just have to come inside and mail the letters,” said Vicki Richardson, postmaster for Vanderhoof.

The reason for sealing the boxes is because people have been leaving inappropriate stuff including “poop and cans of pop” inside these boxes, Richardson said.

“In Vancouver its needles and garbage and in Vanderhoof its poop,” she said.

Richardson said mail boxes may be sealed across B.C. and that plan is in motion. The Express has reached out to Canada Post for more information.

The decision to seal the boxes was taken by people higher up in the chain, she said, noting that she agrees there needs to be a way for people to post letters if they can’t make it between 9 am to 5 pm, which are the hours of the post office.

“My boss was here from Prince George and we are absolutely working on getting mailbox access for people who can’t come on time,” she said.

More to come

Aman Parhar
Editor, Vanderhoof Omineca Express

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