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Willy Wonka Jr. 10th Anniversary

Willy Wonka Jr. actors rehearsing two weeks before opening night March 8.

Proud to Be McLeod Productions is thrilled to present their 10th Anniversary production with the revival of Willy Wonka Jr. under the direction of Principal Libby Hart. The golden ticket Roald Dahl show is coming up March 8-10.

In 2008, during Ms. Hart’s first year at W.L. McLeod Elementary School she brought theatre to the school with the play Willy Wonka Jr. The growth in character and confidence of the students involved in the play and the simple excitement and happiness they showed, sparked a yearly tradition for the school and Ms. Hart that has lead to play such as Annie, Pinocchio, and Shrek to name a few. This being the 10th year, it seemed right to bring this bright, sweet and sassy play Willy Wonka Jr. back to the stage with the next generation of Proud to Be McLeod performers.

The cast of over 80 students from Grade 1 through 6 have been rehearsing two-three times per week since last October, and are in the final polishing stages. This well known and loved play is full of dancing, singing, and clever lines delivered by group of students no older than 12. From watching past Proud to Be McLeod performances I know that by the end of the first scene I forget that these are children and am completely consumed by their amazing talent and maturity they display on stage. Willy Wonka Jr. will be no different.

The lighting, sound, and mics crew are also McLeod students. These students have mastered their timing and precision at every cue. Back-stage parents, teachers and past Proud to Be McLeod actors seemingly move the large stage sets and countless props - all made by parent and student volunteers - on and off the stage at every cue. The 250 plus costumes created by parent volunteers are tucked, straightened and fluffed before each student sets foot on the stage. By performance night, the crew are a well-oiled machine working silently behind the scenes and are a big part of the high quality of this and past productions from McLeod.

Every actor and crew member are beaming with excitement to perform this play for the community their family and friends. Be sure to catch this play and help celebrate 10 years of love and dedication to the growth of children and the arts in Vanderhoof.

- with files submitted by Michelle Roberge