Christmas: one hundred years back

Christmas: one hundred years back, the age of cards, not emails

It didn’t take me long to get my memory going towards the days of yore.  Old Christmas cards bring back memories quickly and lively.  It wasn’t hard to replace myself with the boy staring with fascination and desire at Mr. Hope’s toy store window, mingled with the thoughts of today’s shopping facilities.  How different it all is today.  The clip clop noise of the horse pulling a family in their sled through the main street of downtown fits well into the whole picture.  The family just passed the warm inviting hallway of the church of the local Salvation Army for their upcoming Christmas Concert.  Tom, the street player is frantically playing melodies to make extra money for his hungry children at home and hopes to buy presents for them.  It’s all covered with a new layer of beautiful white snow which dampen the street noise somewhat.  The street lantern which I often used as a watchtower for my own fantasies glittered as well with the fallen snow.  Instantly I loved the sight of the older brother pulling the old sled; it’s easy to replace myself with him.  The little dog patiently wait for new excitement which will come up soon as usual because she knows.  The days of yore, at a hundred years of past memories.  It was a pleasant surprise to receive this beautiful card instead of an e-mail of a beloved friend.  Those memories become more precious as the time presses on.  Thank you old friend for sharing deep-rooted memories once again with me.

Ary Sala, Fanny Bay


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