Community action trumps government studies



392 is a figure of significance that Canadians (politically) choose to ignore so far. It refers to the parts per million of carbon in the atmosphere.

So why am I combining it to thinking locally to the problem Vanderhoof faces – “We have no public means of transportation or taxi service.”?

The dynamic English lass Hannah Wright, in last week’s “opinion” of the Omineca Express talks about the non-exsistent study into a possible transit system in our three communities.

She missed a service I use regularly going to Prince George – the Greyhound Bus.

It is hassle free, cheap and on most days of the week – two trips east, two trips west. It’s a nice mini-adventure for me to chat with fellow travelers, donate blood and shop, etc.

The bus depot is well situated between the hospital, park, offices, shopping mall and civil buildings. Get your ticket several weeks ahead and a return ticket is only $31.36. You can’t do better driving your own rig.

Other buses go past your house regularly too – we need to forget endless government studies and be pro-active instead.

E-bus originated right here in Vanderhoof. This education tool spread across the world. Can not R-bus originate here too? This means people can share the medical bus, the seniors buses, the School District 91 school buses, native band buses, car pooling and controlled hitch-hiking too.

Ike Fehr used this poem (right) to make Canfor and Bid Construction the success these companies are today.

It is better to forget government’s mismanagement; action by community groups trumps endless studies.

Times ahead show the new generation is getting higher rates of second degree diabetes, obesity and laziness. Mandate, and then pray, our centre of the province a safe zone to grow a tough, resilient, fun loving, all-Canadian people, able to walk 2.5 kilometres to get on a school bus.

Share the rigs that pass your house when gasoline reaches $1.50 per litre or higher.

And for now let me just finish this letter with significant figure, 392.

H. P. Rodseth