HST a good thing for area ranchers



The HST provides a simple bookkeeping way to pay taxes and recover them if the farmer qualifies.

The farmer is responsible to qualify and submit his paper work for a refund. The prices we receive for our product is priced in the world market.

The HST supports B.C. farmers in the very competitive world market. It will cost farmers a bit more for personal items and, as most farmers are in a low income bracket, farmers can choose not to spend money on BMWs, boats and other toys when our industry is in recession.

The government requires money to function, if the HST is thrown out, income taxes must rise.

When income taxes rise, everyone, including low income earners, have no choice but to pay. In other words, with the HST we can choose when or not we pay HST by what we buy, with the rise of income taxes there is no choice.



Mike Pritchard, President, Cluculz Lake Cattlemen.

Larry Garrett, Secretary, Cluculz Lake Cattlemen


John Kochel, President, Fort Fraser Cattlemen