Letter to coaches

To all parents in Vanderhoof who have kids in sports or other community activities...

To all parents in Vanderhoof who have kids in sports or other community activities;

The benefit of having sports or extra-curricular activities in this town is for the physical and psychological development of our kids. Team sports & activities encourage youth to work towards a common goal and become team players – an important trait as an adult.

Getting your kids involved in something in the community (whether it be sports or any community involvement) keeps them off the street, teaches them co-operation, teamwork, self discipline, goal setting skills, hard work and personal success. As a result, their self esteem is raised which helps them feel good about themselves and encourages them to do their best in all areas.

Unless you have been a coach or leader of youth yourself, you may not realize how much commitment, time and effort is involved. Without the care, commitment and hard work of the dedicated coaches and leaders of youth in this community, there would be no sports or activities for our kids.

Please remember that the coaches and leaders of our kids have donated their time and own money to coach your kids, through practices, games and tournaments. They care about our kids and hope to see them reach their full potential.

I urge you, as a parent, to recognize the adults who donate their time to your kids and let them know you appreciate them.

From a very appreciative parent,

Claire Nielsen