Letter to the editor: derelict properties

Lack of leadership from regional district on derelict properties

I am very much amazed at the lack of leadership the regional district has for derelict properties in certain rural areas. Through out the years,  I have observed the regional comfortably allowing, derelict vehicles, dilapidated camp shacks, and a wild assortment of debris, as typical and or normal content for regional / rural areas.

There appears to be a “wide variable” or an “adjustable acceptance”, that the regional can easily deem as a satisfactory allowance to the “Unsightly Bylaw”. As far as what is actually “deemed unsightly” again has many challenges, that promotes a guaranteed failure to this mixed process. This faltering bylaw is typically used with full advantage by the regional, to tactfully avoid any type of remedy to cleanup derelict properties. Unfortunately, all these factors contribute and encourage the derelict property fiasco!

I am sure the regional district will convey their own conjecture opposing the very opposite to my experience. However as far as any quality remedial result(s) are concerned, that still remains to be seen!

Aaron Thompson,Prince George