Marijuana legalisation a slippery slope…

Legalization of marijuana is an interesting subject

Dear Editor,

Legalization of marijuana is an interesting subject that has crossed the political spectrum of many countries. In Colorado, the drug was legalized and we saw a steady increase in health care spend as a result. Now here in Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is investigating similar measures. There are consistent associations with usage of Marijuana and poor health, as well as social outcomes. I believe the government of Canada should take this into consideration before finalizing any decision. Legalization of Marijuana is also a slippery slope and could lead to the legalization of other drugs, which will in turn cripple our younger generation. Instead of stigmatizing the usage of Marijuana, we will only normalize this and other social evils. I encourage the government to re investigate their plan on legalization and think more about our longterm future.

Jari Qudrat Khizar, North York, ON