Missing skates becoming a problem at Vanderhoof arena

The Vanderhoof arena manager calls for borrowed skates to be returned.


This ice season we had nine hours of public skating time per week at the arena at no cost to the public. Also this year we received funding to assist us in the purchase of CSA approved hockey helmets. Since they were put out for the public at the start of 2011, they have been a huge success with all ages of school students and the public, using them all the time.

However, hardly a week goes by where we are not missing skates from the skate room. Generally they find their way back to the arena, but for every pair of skates that are missing; a child is not able to enjoy the pleasure of skating. Most of the skates that do go missing are in the size five and smaller range. I would ask the moms and dads of Vanderhoof to check and see if some how these skates were tossed into the mix and accidently taken home. All of our skates are clearly marked with size of skate, a number and a letter to indicate where they belong in the skate room. If you come across a pair of skates that should be at the arena, please return them as they are truly missed by someone who could be using them.

Shallon Touet