Things to look forward to

Spring is coming, and I for one am glad the warm weather is too.

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed the number of community events have consistently been growing. Although we won’t see much more of outdoor skiing and skating due to warmer weather (in which I hope stays) I look forward to spring time and all the community projects that come with it – team roping, ATV’ing, hiking, swimming, fishing.

Speaking of fish, the sturgeon at the White Sturgeon Conservation Centre will be released back into the Nechako in a few more weeks, and because of the Nechako Environmental Water Stewardship Society (NEWSS) and their work re-routing Murray Creek, those little guys will surley grow up big and strong.

Soon the community garden will re-open and I have a feeling we can expect some exciting new changes.

Can’t forget about soccer, my favourite sport, which season should be starting soon. Too bad there’s no adult league in Vanderhoof.

Although, there are plenty of running clubs, biking trails, yoga, Cross Fit, dance classes and dog parks to fulfil residents needs. Once all the snow melts, the gym at Riverside Park will once again be used to rid the winter blues (I saw it last year). Let’s just hope all the dog poop melts away too.

What are you looking forward to? Let us know at