To the Editor: Vanderhoof’s skateboard park

Tell me, just who would want a skateboard park virtually in their “backyards”?

As a resident and taxpayer from the south side of the tracks, I can only imagine how the residents surrounding Ferland Park are feeling these days.

Tell me, just who would want a skateboard park virtually in their “backyards”?

I can remember 25-plus years ago, when I first moved to Vanderhoof, Ferland Park was not a very desirable location in town. Since then there has been a considerable overhaul to the park to make it what it is today: a family park for wee tots — right up to concerts in the park for all to enjoy, the “new” location for the Farmer’s Market, theatre in the park. The cenotaph where many of the residents join each other on Remembrance Day, as well as other events.

From what I’ve learned from some of the residents of the perimeter of Ferland Park, there is a committee of four people trying to locate a permanent home for the future skateboard park. My question is: did any of those four people go around to any of the residents that surround Ferland Park and ask for their input? Apparently not!

When my husband and I wanted to build a larger than normal garage on our property, we had to go before a variance board, who therefore had to go to all the residents of the surrounding neighbourhood and ask if they had any concerns with the building of this garage.

Now, can someone tell me why where they issue at hand is on the other “foot”, that this practice is not enforced by council for committees that want to have the citizens approve whatever activity they are trying to provide in the community?

Also, why was there an assessment done by a professional that was hired by the omitted and paid for by the taxpayers?

In closing, I sincerely hope council does not approve the location of Ferland Park for a permanent Skateboard Park. And if they do, they’ll be destroying a very special place in the “heart of Vanderhoof” in the “heart of B.C.”!



Deb Brady