“Wash and squash” helps the community out in lots of ways

Have you heard the phrase “wash & squash”? How about “capless, cleaned & crushed”? Or “swish and squish”?


Have you heard the phrase “wash & squash”?  How about “capless, cleaned & crushed”?  Or “swish and squish”?  These are just a few of the slogans milk producers across the country are using to encourage and promote milk container recycling in their provinces.

Milk container recycling has been available in Vanderhoof since 2010 at the NVSS Bottle Depot.  This includes both plastic and cardboard milk, cream and soy containers.  The program, which is categorized as a voluntary stewardship program, relies on the goodwill of people to return their milk containers for recycling.  There is no levy paid at the checkout when you purchase milk, and therefore no refund when you return it.

So why recycle your milk containers?

It reduces your household waste.  Less waste going to the landfill means everyone saves money on collection fees and landfill maintenance, as well as helping to make our landfill last longer.

It reduces the consumption of raw materials (hydrocarbon and fibre resources) to make new products, as well as the energy that would be required to produce the plastic and paperboard for new containers.

By bringing your milk containers to the NVSS bottle depot you support programs for youth in the community.  Funds from the bottle depot go towards high school programs right here in Vanderhoof!

Plastic milk containers are made out of high density polyethelyene plastic (HDPE), one of the most versatile and valuable plastics around.  Once processed at a recycling facility, these containers are turned into products like buckets, pails and flowerpots.  Recycled milk cartons are broken down at a recycling facility and become household tissue products and linerboard for cardboard containers.

To recycle your milk containers, please be sure to rinse them well and remove the caps.  Then flatten the containers and bring them to the NVSS bottle depot with your other bottles and cans for recycling.  Other plastic jugs and bottles of similar plastic (#2) are not part of the program and unfortunately not currently recyclable in Vanderhoof.


The NVSS bottle depot is located at 294 East Third Street.  Hours of operation are Monday, Tuesday & Friday, 11a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Please only drop off your recycling during business hours.  Thanks for doing your part!