Common themes of love and respect for neighbours and community can be found in Nielsen's interviews.

Common themes of love and respect for neighbours and community can be found in Nielsen's interviews.

What people like about Vanderhoof

Eight year old Lucas Nielsen became a junior reporter and interviewed many residents on what they like about this small community.

My name is Lucas Nielsen. I am eight years old.  I was born here in Vanderhoof so I think of this as my town and I am very happy to live here. My mom always says how thankful she is to live here and she has lived in lots of places. We saw a post on Facebook where someone asked what people like about Vanderhoof. I thought this was a really good idea so I went to the community and have been interviewing people. Here are the results (including the ones from Facebook):

Amy:  I am in awe on a daily basis on how amazingly beautiful it is here; mountains and trees everywhere. And the people are top notch, so caring, there’s a real sense of community here. It just has something that people are drawn to.

Anonymous: The capacity for giving this community shows those in need will never be short of miraculous. And people wonder why we call it “Gods Country”

Adrienne: I loved all the hugging on Free Hug Day at Extra Foods. What a fabulous way to connect.

Anne: I like all the friendly people.

Cathy:  I moved here 25 years ago and was quite skeptical having grown up living the city life. This town was so small to me and I wondered how I would handle the big change!! Well I live here with absolutely no regrets! I have seen the power of prayer, religious or non, the big hearts, the giving of their time and money. The community of Vanderhoof has true compassion. I worked at many different places, met so many different kinds of people here, discovered how many different religions can live peacefully alongside each other without fear or doubt. I enjoy every aspect of this town, and over the years, it’s only gotten better and better!! There isn’t anything I wouldn’t hesitate to do all over again!! It’s the one place I felt was best to raise my family.  Vanderhoof you really “Rock”!

Cherise: It’s a great place to raise a family

Chris: I love Vanderhoof because we have some of the greatest outdoors close by, the people care about each other, and families are valued.

Claire: hmmm lots of things come to mind… lakes with all the great fishing and camping within a short distance….beautiful sunsets!!!

Claire: Wonderful community spirit, like-minded friends, great weather (4 seasons even though winter is long), friendly faces, no traffic jams (except getting stuck behind a tractor), coaches who give their time and energies to our kids, the high school and the great teachers/counsellors there, the staff at the clinic and hospital, the view out my window. I could go on and on…

Connor: I like bonfires on our beach, the sunsets, NVSS and the football team, dedicated coaches, wildlife everywhere, the open space, the parents of my friends…

Dana: I love watching the sunset over the river especially at Riverside Park. I love the friendly people and supportive, caring environment. We are very fortunate that our town offers so many varied activities for all sorts of interests. I really enjoy our library.

Dannica: I love the sunrises, sunsets and the warmer winter we are having and the fact that some of my greatest friends live here. I love my job.

David: What I like most about Vanderhoof is that it is a nice quiet place to live and everybody is friendly. I like getting visitors from the community.

Dean:  I like the people here, the climate, the food at the Reid Pub and the natural beauty and the feel of northern B.C.

Deb: I like all the friendly people who are always willing to help each other, all the running trails.

Debra: I lived in Vanderhoof for 20 years and have missed it and the wonderful people every day of the 10 years I’ve been away…hope to move back soon!

Debbie: Every time someone in this community has a need I am amazed at the love and compassion of this town. We may be small but our hearts are huge.

Elizabeth: I like the friendliness of the people, the art and music community, the climate (even though there are challenges with what we can grow), being greeted by name in the stores I frequent.

Elsie:  I’m thankful for the help and friendship offered to each other. I have lived here since 1970 and plan on staying. The people in this town are very helpful. Love this little Village.

Glenda: I love the great outdoors in Vanderhoof.  Check out the Leisure guide. I like my kids together in school, Basket Ball, Karate and lots in Fine Arts.  Patrick enjoys hunting and fishing. Bailey likes Path Finders and Band Practice

Heather: Sorry there is not enough room on this page to say all the good things about this amazing town, the littlest town with the biggest heart I always say.

Doreen: I like the movie theater, the fact that there are lots of farms and horses

Doreen: We moved from Mission. We decided we needed a new adventure in our lives and Vanderhoof was it. What I like most about Vanderhoof is the people and their welcoming attitudes to new people and new ideas. I also love Sinkut Mountain, it’s a magical place!

Fenna:  Vanderhoof is a beautiful and wonderful place. The community sticks together and helps others out. People reach out to other when they are in need of help.

Janna: I’m from Fort St. James so I drive through Vanderhoof frequently. I love driving through the downtown area, especially in December when it’s wintery and the Christmas lights are up, and passing over the Nechako River. I think Vanderhoof is so picturesque and quaint in a story book small town way. I have always enjoyed visiting the Vanderhoof movie theatre because it has that similar kind of ambiance too.

Jacob: The Air Cadets and good fishing

Jane: The people

Janey: The coolest thing is saying “Hi” or waving to people you see often, and have no idea who they are. I love this town and all the fabulous people.

Jazzy: I like Vanderhoof because how much the community supports the young people. I also like playing sports here.

Joe: I like the cross section of people, the recreation areas, the medical service, the theatre, the arena, the new sturgeon hatchery project, the migrating swans and geese. I am thankful for good neighbours – came home to my driveway plowed. Thanks Ed.

Joelene: I love the people and the way we’ve created a community that helps and supports each other. Also, the beautiful lakes, forests, and peacefulness of the area.

Jutta: We moved here in 1996. We fell in love with the people in Vanderhoof.

Karen: The natural beauty surrounding our little town that wouldn’t wait, the hearts and souls of our little town , the smiles and waves from old acquaintances, the new generation staying in our town, all the many volunteer groups making a difference and of course us – the people who support all the great causes also make it happen. One community, one little town, one place that will always have the hearts of many…

Karen:  There are many reasons why I like Vanderhoof. People from all over the world come to live in Vanderhoof and this teaches us about different customs and different cultures. Vanderhoof is a safe community

Karin: The outdoors, fishing, community support, job opportunity

Kathie: I am constantly amazed at how blessed I am to live in Vanderhoof – such a caring community. I was diagnosed with colon cancer last fall. I’m so fortunate to be able to have my chemo treatments here. I can’t say enough about the top notch medical facilities, doctors, nurses and support staff that have helped me get through this, at times, very scary experience.

My friends (new and old) have been there every step of the way. I received so many bouquets of flowers in PG Hospital that people knew what room I was in by the lineup of flowers on the window ledge. We received Xmas baking and home-made meals, help with housekeeping, visits, phone calls and Facebook messages. I couldn’t have done this without the support I’ve received from this community. We have toyed with moving somewhere warmer for retirement but this experience has convinced me that Vanderhoof is home and there is no place like home. Thank you Vanderhoof!

Kimberli: What I love is that Vanderhoof is a “community”. The people go to bat for each other when times are tough! They stop you on the street and say “Hey! Good job!” when there’s an accomplishment. The sense of community is so strong that it feels like one big extended family sometimes. It’s hard to go anywhere and NOT know someone. A new resident from Vancouver told me she actually had to adjust to the friendliness. Especially by the ladies at the post office. They knew that she was new to town, and would recognize her and let her know if she had parcels etc. She said that in the big city, you don’t make eye contact with the people you pass on the street. It’s the complete opposite here. You BETTER make eye contact…and wave…and stop to talk, lol! I love Vanderhoof. Vanderhoof is HOME!

Laurie: I love the fact that I can go to most every place that is important to me: my home, my workplace, my kids school, the grocery store, bank all within a very short time. People look you in the eye and smile back at you if you smile at them.

Lisa: I like all the creative people who volunteer here, having four seasons, all the lakes and rivers nearby.

Lorne: BIG skies, great places to play outdoors, great camping and fishing in our backyard

Lucas: I like the friendly people, the fact that there are no robberies, the sports teams, the library, the bowling alley, the newspaper, visiting David at the manor.

Maria: A friendly place to call home. I have lived in bigger cities and loved moving back to Vanderhoof and seeing people smile and talk to each other on the street

Marianne: What I love most about Vanderhoof is the people: friendly and generous – always willing to help.

Mica: NVSS, the 4-H Club, the Agricultural Fair

Michelle:  I liked Vanderhoof the first time I set foot here in 2001. I liked the atmosphere (the way it felt around me when I walked down the street), I liked the size (nice and small, but big enough to have a movie theatre – very important for me!), and I liked the people I met (still very good friends today).

Peter: I first came to Vanderhoof after being offered a government job here. I stayed because Barb and I loved the countryside, mountains and lakes. Later, it was the people of the Nechako Valley that we loved the most

Rebecca: The ice cream at J&S and the Vanderhoof Museum

Riley: I like that Vanderhoof is small and everybody knows each other. Vanderhoof is a really friendly town. I also like how big sports are here.

Rose: Debbie says it so well. I agree.

Rocelle:  We are still getting used to be away from home but the people we have met in Vanderhoof have made it easier. Everyone has been so helpful and generous!  Without the help from this community, we would not have had such a beautiful wedding and all the support around my mother’s passing. We have made many connections, big and small. We have met people we feel we have known our whole lives. We have amazing neighbours who have plowed our driveway, watched our children, helped us when our basement flooded and given me a job on a moment’s notice. The list goes on and on and on…!

Ruth:  We have toyed with the “retire south idea” but as we live here longer we find the support is amazing. We have great businesses who know their customers, fabulous medical support, and hopefully an aquatic centre. Our education system works magic even with cut backs and our teachers care about their students. We have a safe community with participation from volunteers to keep it that way. Is there a better place to retire?

Ruth:  Welcoming community, open to growth, but traditional in many ways. Beautiful landscape, dynamite sunrises and sunsets, countless lakes, lots of wildlife, opportunity, peaceful for the most part, and best of all: Home.

Sharon: The people, The community spirit, The friendly smiling faces, The support given to those in need. I am thankful we live here.

Shelbee: I love my home town. Even though I live in PG I enjoy when I come back and see about ten people I know when I go shopping. It is amazing how our small little town comes together in times of need. I love how helpful and caring most of the people are. I find it interesting and funny that even this many years later my elementary and high school teachers still know my name. One thing I would like to see though is more activities for youth in Vanderhoof

Shelley: Good jobs and lots of people, Vanderhoof community theatre

Shelley:  Our community is connected. I have felt a part of this community fabric since I moved here in 1969 and I am grateful. We have the natural beauty of the surroundings which has been protected from disasters that the rest of the world is experiencing: hurricanes, flash floods, tornadoes, true ice storms, damaging hails that destroy and kill, tropical storms and even catastrophic earthquakes.  As a community, we have grown and we have accepted newcomers as others leave us. This is a place to feel we belong. I learned to love when I moved here. And, even though there are many times when I wish we would grow in our worldview, I accept that minimal wiggle room is just part of what makes us so tight.

Shirley: I like the four seasons we have here.

Susan: Friendly people, wonderful arts community and many talented people, lots of sports, lots of trails to walk, natural beauty, the re-use shed, the community at Saik’uz and the campground on Nulki Lake.

Tina: I was born in Vanderhoof and I have to admit that until I moved away I kind of took our little community for granted.  It was lonely living in a community where you went grocery shopping and didn’t see a single person you knew.  I like that when I go shopping in Vanderhoof I get to chat with friends. The people in Vanderhoof are what make this community great.  I love how everyone helps out when someone is in need. Vanderhoof isn’t perfect but it is a great community.

Tina: Thankful for the Strong Support this small town has for all in need..

Todd: I like the parks and trails: Riverside Park, the Bike Park, the river trail, the museum trail. I am also glad for all the good friends and good people that I know here.

Tracy:  I like that people know what your kids are up to, and local business support all the extracurriculars for kids a lot

Tom: Every day I see great people who care about one another and when the chips are down there are many many people willing to help others. I have lived here for over 30 years and plan to stay.

Vicky: I like Vanderhoof because it is where I grew up and made many wonderful friends.  The people are very friendly and support each other in many ways.  I also love that the air is clean and we are surrounded by nature.

Vince:  I like the people and the fun winter activities.

Zack:  The outdoors the hunting fishing and small community feel!

And my favourite response to this question is from my sister who moved away:

Aubrie: My favourite thing about Vanderhoof is being able to come and visit with my little brother and see my family. I love the country feel, and even though I don’t get to spend very much time there anymore, it always feels like home whenever I come back. I love the peacefulness at Nulki. Throughout high school I could not wait to move away, but now looking back, they were some of the best years, and I loved growing up with the small town feel. Every friend I have stayed in touch with from Vanderhoof is so down to earth, and so kind. My favourite part of Vanderhoof is still you, Luke. I love you!

From Lucas:  Thank you to everybody who shared what they like about Vanderhoof. This project was a fun project. I enjoyed all the interviewing people and I like even more here now. I agree with what everyone said. Vanderhoof is a great place!